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$200,000 Settlement For Motorcycle Accident Victim

motorcycle accident settlementOur client, Christopher, was driving his Kawasaki motorcycle on I-90 West when another vehicle collided with him, resulting in catastrophic damage. 

The accident report details a crash that involved four vehicles, with Christopher suffering by far the most damage. Backed up traffic caused a vehicle to rear-end another and lose control, veering into Christopher’s lane, t-boning him and throwing him from his motorcycle. He was then struck again by the same vehicle.

Unfortunately, the injuries Christopher suffered in the motorcycle accident were extreme and life-altering. After being rushed to Harborview Medical Center, he had surgery to remove most of his intestines. He broke all his ribs, his right hip and leg, and suffered a torn aortic valve.

Mounting Damages In A Motorcycle Accident

Because of the serious nature of Christopher’s injuries, his medical bills quickly piled up. Facing a daunting road to ahead, he and his family reached out to us the very next day to begin the process of recovering damages. Davis Law Group sees cases like this all the time — a motorcyclist who suffers the worst in a collision with a motor vehicle. We filed a lawsuit about two months later against the insurance companies of the two at-fault drivers.

We found that unfortunately Christopher could only receive so much compensation in this case. Both at-fault drivers carried $100,000 in liability insurance, and did not have Personal Injury Protection. That $200,000 total was all we could fight for, despite the fact Christopher’s medical bills exceeded that. 

About a year later, Christopher’s case was settled before it went to trial. He received the maximum $100,000 from each at-fault party. He was “made whole” in the process, as we negotiated a substantial reduction in his medical bills. While not an ideal situation for recovering damages, Christopher greatly benefited from the expertise of the team at Davis Law Group.

Davis Law Group, P.S., recovered a $200,000 settlement for a man seriously injured in a motorcycle accident. Low insurance availability limited the outcome of his case, but we helped negotiate reductions in his medical treatment to make him “whole.”