$200,000 Settlement for Client with Bulging Discs

Josh R. had to make a sudden stop on I-5 when another car slammed into him. That car was then hit by other cars, further injuring Josh in what turned out to be a 5-car pile-up. Josh had bulging discs in his neck, neck and shoulder pain, and numbness and tingling in his arms and pinkie fingers—a common sign of neurological damage.

Josh initially went to another law firm for help, but his attorney ended up having health problems that prevented him from working on Josh’s case. That’s when Josh contacted Davis Law Group.

car accident lawsuit settlement Years after the accident, Josh was still in pain and facing down surgeries to regain a portion of his former functionality. An active hockey player and outdoor sports enthusiast before the accident, Josh was now struggling with pain that never seemed to fully go away; minor victories in pain control with the use of painkillers, injections, steroids, and physical therapy were followed by agonizing flare-ups. Just holding his arms above his head would cause them to tingle and become numb.

Finally, after years of struggling to get better with non-surgical treatments, Josh underwent an anterior discectomy and fusion. A surgeon removed the damaged disc between his vertebrae, and filled the open space with a bone graft. This surgical procedure decompressed his spinal cord and the painfully irritated nerve roots of his cervical spine. The cost of this procedure varies widely between hospitals; some change up to $129,000 for the surgery, diagnostic studies, instrumentation, and hospital stay.

The surgery helped Josh return to his normal life. He was even able to kayak, working the muscles in his neck and shoulders, without pain.

Davis Law Group was able to recover $200,000 to help Josh pay for his medical bills and the time he had to take off work after the accident.