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$193,000 Settlement For Car Accident Victim With Degenerative Disk Surgery

settlement for victim of car accidentOur client, Barbara, was injured in a two-car crash on Black Diamond Road in Kent. Barbara was making a left-hand turn on the two-lane road when another vehicle failed to slow down, t-boning Barbara in the process. 

The at-fault driver was cited for driving in the wrong lane as well as not having insurance. The at-fault driver tried to leave the scene of the accident, but Barbara threatened to call 911 if he did. 

Injuries From Car Accident

Barbara suffered several serious injuries as a result of the collision. She underwent physical therapy and massage for two months, had two cortisone spine injections, as well as degenerative disk surgery. 

With her medical bills rising and an eagerness to get back to work, Barbara needed help. The insurance company made an initial offer of just $4,000 to Barbara for her injuries, but she got much more with the help of attorney Chris Davis and the legal team at Davis Law Group, P.S.

Barbara hired Davis Law Group, and Mr. Davis and his team of car accident lawyers got to work on the case. Armed with over 20 years of legal experience, Mr. Davis was willing to out-wait the insurance company and go to jury trial if needed. Ultimately that was avoided, and Barbara received a settlement of $193,000.

Barbara was injured in a collision in Kent in which the at-fault driver t-boned her. Attorney Chris Davis negotiated a $193,000 settlement for Barbara and her family.