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$190,000 Settlement For Motorcyclist Hit By King County Metro Bus

settlement metro bus hits motorcycle accidentA settlement verdict has been reached on behalf of the the victim of a motorcycle accident caused by a King County Metro bus.  
The accident took place in January of 2016 at 14th Avenue South and South Massachusetts Street in Seattle, WA.  The Metro bus driver failed to yield the right of way and negligently turned left in front of the motorcycle causing the crash which resulted in serious injuries.
The motorcycle driver suffered multiple fractures and a lacerated liver.  He was transported from the scene to Harborview Medical Center.  
Davis Law Group was able to negotiate a $190,000 settlement for the victim.  
The bus driver had a long history of dangerous driving and other incidents while driving his own personal vehicle as well as the metro bus.  And he continued to have other driving infractions after this accident.  
settlement motorcycle hit by king county metro bus1/10/2010 Speeding – 75mph+ in 60 mph zone.  Speeding and cut off city bus.
10/30/2010 Speeding – 78mph in 60mph zone.
11/12/2010 Unsafe lane change while driving a bus.  Passed a police car and cut it off, almost causing a collision.
8/12/2011 'Incident' while driving bus.  
3/16/2012 Collision caused by cutting off another vehicle during lane change.
5/9/2013 Speeding/Following too closely.  Driving motorcycle at high rate of speed and tailgated for ~1 mile.
7/8/2013 'Incident' while driving bus.  
9/19/2013 'Incident' while driving bus.  
3/28/2014 'Incident' while driving bus.  Labeled Preventable Accident.
4/7/2014 'Incident' while driving bus.  Labeled Preventable Accident.
7/24/2014 Ticket for running a red light while driving bus.  
8/25/2014 Ticket for running a red light while driving bus.  
1/6/2015 Speeding infraction – 65 in a 55 zone.  
2/26/2015 Speeding infraction – 83 in a 60 zone.  
3/11/2015 Passing in a no passing zone.  Passed on the left using the L turn lane. 
5/17/2015 Speeding 15mph over limit.  
12/23/2015 'Incident' while driving bus.  Labeled Preventable Accident.
8/31/2016 Speeding – 25mph over limit.
1/18/2017 Improper left turn while driving bus.  
DLG Case Number: 201595
Case Title: Stanton v. King County
Docket: 17 2 26851 8 SEA
Court: Superior Court of King County for Washington
Date Filed: 10/12/2017
Vehicle: 1980 Suzuki GS850 Motorcycle

Metro bus driver fails to yield right-of-way and hits motorcycle.