$135,000 Settlement for Victim of Speeding Teen Driver


A. L. was on her way home from her waitressing job when her whole life changed in an instant. She recalled seeing a pair of headlights approaching too fast; the speeding car was coming at her head on in her own lane, driving the wrong was down Main Street in Edmonds, Washington. She swerved to try to get away from the oncoming car, but it hit her vehicle and pushed her car over the curb and into a bus stop sign.

A. L. was removed from her car by an emergency crew and rushed to Harborview Medical Center. She had sustained eight fractured ribs in the crash, and both her wrists and ankles were broken. The driver who had smashed into her car was just 16 years old. The reckless driver’s passenger told police that the 16-year-old had said, “I want to get to 100 MPH!” before he sped down the road. Police estimated that the teen’s car was travelling at 90 miles per hour at the time of the crash.

Davis Law Group was contacted shortly after the accident by A. L.’s son, who knew that his mother’s recovery was going to be long and difficult. After her accident, she was not able to return to work as a waitress, and she required months of rehabilitation, multiple surgeries, and physical therapy.

Case Summary

Davis Law Group was able to obtain a settlement of $135,000 to compensate our client for her expenses, including her totaled car and the financial strain she incurred because she was no longer able to work.