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$100,000 Settlement in Poulsbo Rear-End Car Accident

poulsbo rear end crashOur client was traveling southbound on Viking Way in Poulsbo when she was rear-ended by an inattentive driver. She did not immediately feel as though anything was wrong with her physically, and figured she was fortunate enough to walk away from the crash without any injuries. 

However, as is common in moderate auto accident cases, she began suffering from varying degrees of pain in her back and neck which required months of medical treatment. She had to routinely follow-up with her primary care provider to track her progress and continue to search for answers to why she was feeling so much pain. Eventually, it was determined that the physical trauma she suffered in the accident was causing her to compensate to one side of her body, which was causing her discomfort and pain. 

Insurance Company Accuses Accident Victim Of Exaggerating Injuries

Of course, the at-fault driver's insurance company attempted to use the lack of clear direction and medical diagnosis in the early stages of her treatment as ammunition to deny and devalue her personal injury claim. In fact, the insurer's settlement offers to this innocent accident victim would not have even covered the entirety of her medical bills. 

Insurers will often look for treatment gaps and other inconsistencies in an accident victims' medical history in an effort to devalue the claim. This is one of the many questionable settlement tactics that are common in the insurance industry. 

Benefits Of Consulting With A Lawyer

Fortunately, this woman reached out to the top-rated car accident attorneys at Davis Law Group to get a second opinion about her case. While her injuries were not life-threatening, she did need legal help in getting the insurance company to cooperate with her in good faith. 

After nearly a year of fierce negotiations with the insurer, our legal team was able to recover a $100,000 settlement on our client's behalf. 

$100,000 Settlement