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$100,000 Settlement for Woman Bit by Runaway Dog

If you see an animal in trouble, your first instinct is to help it. That’s what our client, A.R., did when she looked out the window of a Seattle restaurant and saw an off-leash dog darting into the road. When she saw the dog get hit by a car, she and her husband both ran outside to check on the injured animal.

When A.R. started to bend over and check on the dog, however, the dog lashed out at her face. The bite severed most of her lower lip and chin tissue, requiring significant emergency reconstructive surgery at Harborview that left scarring, tightness, and discomfort as her severed nerves healed.

The woman and her husband quickly realized that the extent of her facial injuries and medical bills were significant, and that it may be in their best interests to consult with a personal injury attorney. After doing some research about local attorneys online, they decided to call Davis Law Group.

Dog Bite Attorneys Help Get Justice

Fortunately for our client and her husband, we were able to quickly begin investigating the case and eventually tracked down the owner of the dog. We later discovered that the dog’s owner had a renter’s insurance policy, which is often the primary source of compensation for dog bite victims.

We filed a bodily injury claim against the dog owner and their insurance policy and began negotiating a settlement for A.R. After nearly six months of negotiation, the attorneys at Davis Law Group successfully recovered a $100,000 settlement for A.R.’s medical bills, injuries, lost wages, and other damages. 

Brief Case Summary:

We were able to recover $100,000 to help compensate our client for her medical bills, injuries, lost wages, and other damages caused by the dog bite.