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Davis Law Group Recovers $1.275 Million for Accident Victim With TBI

Our client, Thomas, was left with a traumatic brain injury (TBI) after he was involved in an accident with a school bus. The legal team at Davis Law Group was able to recover $1.275 million for him to aid in his ongoing recovery. 

The Facts

Thomas'  younger brother was driving along Enchanted Parkway S in Federal Way when he failed to yield to oncoming traffic when making a left turn, causing a t-bone collision with an empty school bus. Thomas was a passenger in the car and was thrown around the interior, hititng the console with his knees and legs and having his head slam into the side window. He lost consciousness at the scene and was diagnosed with a brain bleed and major TBI at the hospital. 

After intially being discharged, Thomas began experiencing siezures. This led to many more hospital visits, tests and medications. He will likely need to take anti-seizure medication for the rest of his life, along with continued monitoring for any other neurological issues stemming from the head injury he sustained in this accident. 

Since the at-fault driver was his younger brother, and the car was owned and maintained by their parents the legal staff at Davis Law Group petitioned the court to apply the family car doctrine. The court granted the application of the doctine which opened up the umbrella policy fortunately carried, meaning there was a more favorable result possible, as the car insurance policy, while higher than average, would not cover even the medical expenses incurred. 

Negotiations and Settlement

After an initial offer of $375,000 and three years of waiting for Thomas and his family, the legal team at Davis Law Group was able to negotiate a total settlement of $1,275,000. This should go a long way in covering Thomas' past and future medical expenses, along with other damages he suffered as a result of this accident. 


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Our experience with the Davis Law Group was positive from the first moment we consulted with Chris Davis. Chris Davis was attentive, thorough, and helpful throughout a very difficult time. Our paralegal was with us every step of the way with insight and compassion, always responding quickly and effectively with any questions or issues as they arose. I highly recommend the Davis Law Group.
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