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Wrongful Death Lawsuits Against Ford Motor Company Settles

Updated on: 2/26/2019

Two wrongful death lawsuits were recently settled against Ford Motor Co. on behalf of two men who were killed in a car accident. They were driving in a 1992 4 door 4x2 Ford Explorer when the owner and driver of the vehicle hit a deer that abruptly darted out onto the road. They were traveling approximately 45 mph.

Once he hit the brakes and then performed an evasive move in order to avoid hitting the deer, by turning left. As he steered, the Explorer rolled over. Both men were ejected from the vehicle and killed.

Since 1973, Ford has implemented a policy stating that vehicles should not rollover in an emergency move on dry flat pavement.

Internal documents from the company, however, prove that they knew the vehicle would, in fact, rollover on dry flat pavement. After realizing their error, they still continued to sell the vehicles with this policy implemented. Their negligent choice led to the two men’s death and many others.

Since the lawsuit, Ford has made major changes in the design of the Explorer. The Ford Explorers are now wider and lower to the ground, and as a result, less likely to rollover than earlier models.

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