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Wrong Way Driver on 520 in Bellevue Kills Motorcyclist Friday Morning

Updated on: 12/3/2019

A large truck was traveling west in the eastbound lanes of 520 in Bellevue just before noon when it struck a motorcycle, killing the rider.

The accident took place on Eastbound 520 near the 92nd street exit and state patrol has shut down the highway from the 84th to the 92nd street exits.

State troopers on the scene have not reported any additional injuries or released a cause of why the driver was traveling in the wrong direction, but did report having several calls reporting the wrong way driver before the accident took place.

Press play on the box below to see the KOMO News helicopter video of the scene as troopers conducted their investigation. 

Wrong Way Drivers and Motorcyclists 

According to State Troopers the driver in this accident has been cooperating with investigators but they have stated they received calls reporting a wrong way driver as early as 11:15 while the accident was not reported until just before noon.

Wrong way drivers are not unheard of in our area and have been the cause of numerous fatal accidents in our area and Motorcyclists are at extreme risks when faced with wrong way drivers. 

The devastation from wrong way drivers comes from the sheer force of impact present in head on collisions, these forces are strong enough to be deadly in the safest of cars, but motorcycles offer none of the protections afforded to drivers. 

No information has been released on the deceased rider but while working through this difficult time their loved ones will be gathering information from police as they move forward with their investigation to build a wrongful death case. 

How do you Assign a Value to a Wrongful Death case?

A wrongful death case depends on several factors including proving liability and determining value. The driver traveling the wrong way leaves little doubt about liability outside of extenuating circumstances, so determining a valuation becomes key to making a fair recovery from the offending drivers insurance, and any other avenues available. 

While it is impossible to truly quantify the value of a life, and the loss family members may experience, insurance companies, and the courts have factors that they use to calculate an economic value for losses of life, and experienced wrongful death attorneys understand what the courts would look for to determine a valuation and know how to build a case to show what your loss truly meant. 

Factors That Determine Value in a Wrongful Death Case Include:

  • Number of Dependents
  • Yearly Income
  • Medical Bills and Expenses
  • Funeral Expenses
  • Pain and Suffering of the Victim
  • Suffering and Loss to Family Members (Loss of Consortium

There is no dollar amount that heals the pain of losing a loved one, but the Seattle personal injury lawyers at Davis Law Group have spent years working with the loved ones of victims, and understand how to support families through both the legal and the grieving process.

If you've lost a loved one in an accident and believe you may have a case for a wrongful death claim you can contact Davis Law Group for a free case evaluation by calling 206-727-4000 or using the chat or contact options on this page. 

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