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Three People Injured in Vehicle Into Building Collision in Woodinville

Updated on: 10/13/2021

An SUV drove into a building Saturday afternoon in Woodinville hospitalizing the three occupants. 

The collision occurred around 4:00 p.m. Saturday when a black SUV left the road near the 13600 block of Little Bear Creek Rd NE and turned over inside a commercial building.

A driver and three passengers from inside the vehicle all required extraction by local firefighters before being transported to the hospital.

More information regarding the condition of the victims as well as the cause of the accident has not been released at this time. 

Recovery Options After Vehicle Into Building Collisions

Vehicle into building collisions like this one can be devastating for both occupants of the vehicle as well as of the building that was struck, who often have little to no warning before being struck with broken glass, debris or the vehicle itself. 

These collisions are unfortunately common, occurring as often as 60-times a day across the country, often involving gas stations and convenience stores.

Vehicle into building crashes can be prevented by protecting the structure so that vehicles are not able to crash through but this does little to protect drivers and passengers who may have been building bound due to anything from other drivers running them off the road to something as simple as "pedal error."

Thankfully it does not initially appear as though anyone inside the building was injured in this collision, however, the status of the driver and passengers has not been released at this time so we cannot know the extent of their injuries. 

Anytime someone is injured to the point of requiring hospitalization after a collision, it's in their best interest to speak with experienced car accident attorneys about their potential claim against those responsible. 

If your or a loved one have been injured in an accident like this one, the skilled and experienced Seattle car accident attorneys at Davis Law Group want to help, offering a free case evaluation for accident victims and their loved ones to help them better understand the best path forward for their claim. 

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