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Woman Wakes Up from Coma with All Four Limbs Partially Amputated After Infection from Dog Saliva

Updated on: 11/25/2019

An Ohio woman wasn’t feeling well when she decided to lie on the couch. The next thing she knew she found herself waking up in the hospital with both of her arms and legs partially amputated.

After her temperature dropped suddenly, she was brought to the hospital where doctors discovered a bacteria that is commonly found in the mouth of a dog which in humans, can cause blood clots all through the body, leading to gangrene and tissue death in the limbs.

Doctors attempted to remove the clots before too much damage was done, but could not save the outer extremities, amputating her arms near the wrist and legs above her knees.

According to doctors, while the bacteria is common in dogs mouths, this reaction is incredibly rare and can come from untreated dog bites, or even in cases like this, simply a lick on an open wound.

Understanding the True Danger of Dog Bites.

No one anticipates taking a nap and waking up without arms or legs, but for this Ohio woman, that is the reality she has to live with, all thanks to what is essentially a freak reaction to saliva from their family dog.

Our team of dog bite attorneys have seen first hand the amount of damage dog’s can inflict when they attack, but often the dangers of bites that don’t seem initially serious can be overlooked. After hearing this story it should be all too clear that even lightest of bites or attacks could pose serious life altering risk, and illustrate just how important preventative measures like taking antibiotics are.

We've even handled a case involving a similar infection where unfortunately the victim passed away. 

We love our dogs as much as anyone here in the office, but stories like this are a good reminder that even friendly dogs, can be dangerous in the wrong circumstances.

If you or a loved one were injured by dog bites, the award-winning team of personal injury attorneys at Davis Law Group, may be able to help. Call us at 206-727-4000 or use the chat or contact us page on our website to request a free consultation today.

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