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Woman Struck by Car While In Motorized Wheelchair in Lynwood

Updated on: 3/8/2021

A woman sustained serious injuries after being struck by a driver while riding a motorized wheelchair in Lynwood last week. 

The woman who was in her early 50's was crossing the driveway of a panda express drive-through on 196th St SW when a driver attempted to enter the driveway, striking the woman. 

The victim was transported to Harborview medical center in serious condition according to authorities at the scene.

The causing driver claimed he had not seen the woman. 

Recovery Options After Pedestrian Accidents  

Parking lot accidents happen every day and while they are often less serious than open road collisions this accident makes it evident that they can still cause serious harm.

Crossing a drive-through lane like crossing a street anywhere else generally gives pedestrians the right of way, and even in cases of jaywalking, allows for arguments of comparative negligence if the driver is not imediately found to have been at fault. 

The causing driver in this collision can claim that he did not see the woman he struck or that the wheelchair made her fall under his feild of view, it is still the drivers responsibility to ensure their path is clear and check for individuals in wheelchairs or children or young adults who could stand a simalar height. 

If the causing driver is found to have been distracted, either on their phone or otherwise, this could prove a conclusive point in any eventual litigation that could stem from this crash if copnclusively proven by a thurogh accident investigation.

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