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Updated: Woman Killed After Being Struck by Car in Ballard

Updated on: 2/17/2020

police lightsUpdate (1:53 p.m.): The woman struck by the driver has died, police said. 

According to police, a driver in a black BMW ran at stop sign and struck the woman and her dogs. The woman was taken to Harborview Medical Center, where she later died. 

The driver, a 34-year-old woman, was examined and found to be impaired. She was arrested and booked into King County Jail. 

One of the woman's dogs, a pug, was seriously hurt. The other dog ran from the scene and could not be found.


A woman was struck by a car in Seattle’s Ballard neighborhood Monday night, according to the Seattle Fire Department. 

The incident occurred just before 10 p.m. near 14th Avenue Northwest and Northwest 46th Street, near the Trader Joe’s store. 

The 65-year-old woman was hospitalized. Officials have not released details on the woman’s injury or how the collision occurred.

One person was taken away from the scene by police.

Location of the Crash

How a Lawyer Can Assist in Your Claim

It’s often the case that the driver who hit you may initially seem concerned about your well-being, but ultimately they will protect themselves legally. Many times the driver will eventually turn around and point the finger at you. 

Additionally, the driver’s insurance company has a financial incentive to protect its policyholder and fight back against your claim.

By hiring a lawyer you can work on your recovery while the legal side of things gets taken care of. An attorney will begin collecting evidence to support your claim, including:

  • Witness statements (from you, the driver, bystanders, other motorists, etc.)
  • Security footage from nearby businesses
  • Property damage
  • Damage to your clothing, shoes, etc. which can illustrate force of impact
  • Accident scene evidence (skid marks, visibility issues, etc.)
  • Driver cell phone records
  • Social media posts by the driver

In addition to the above, a lawyer will also evaluate your medical records and calculate the total extent of injuries and future care. Additionally, they will take into account your pain and suffering that you went through. 

This complete package will be presented to the insurance company with a settlement offer included. An experienced pedestrian accident attorney will then know the proper steps to take in the negotiations. 

Washington State Pedestrian Accident Lawyers

We caution you to take on the insurance company on your own if you have been hit by a motor vehicle and seriously injured. Unfortunately, Washington state law makes it easy in many cases for insurers to avoid paying what you deserve for medical bills, lost income and pain and suffering.

This means it is extremely important to have someone on your side fighting for you.

Contact the skilled personal injury attorneys at Seattle-based Davis Law Group, P.S., today to learn how we can help. We help those who have suffered serious pedestrian accident injuries.

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