Wind Pushes Parasailers into Trees and Boat Sinks

Seven people survived and were uninjured in a parasail boat accident that took place on Lake George.

The 29-year-old Robert Bolen was driving a boat with four other people, and was operating a parasail when the boat overturned.

At the time of the boat accident, Bolen was trying to bring the rides down from the parasail when a huge gust of wind came and the boat began to overturn. The wind was so strong it pushed the parasailers into the trees.

There were two people parasailing at the time but they continued to stay attached to the boat even after hitting the trees. The fire departments were called and they had to be removed from the tree. They were treated for just minor injuries.

All four people in the boat were wearing life jackets and made it back to shore safely.

The boat overturned so much it sunk to the bottom of the lake. The boat is in the process of being removed from the lake and it does not have any leaking fluids thus far. However, the Spill Response Team was notified and will be monitoring the lake during the entire removal.

There were no tickets given by police.

Davis Law Group is very glad to hear that all passengers and the driver were wearing life jackets during the time of the accident. Great example for others to follow!

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