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Will You Help Victims of Negligent Truckers Get More Support?

Updated on: 11/19/2019

The personal injury attorneys at Davis Law Group believes that people and organizations should be held accountable for their failings, especially when their mistakes hurt others. semi truck accident lawyer

That's why we started a petition on to correct the amount of financial support given to people who have been hurt in truck accidents.

Why is this necessary? 

In 1985 the federal department charged with regulating semi trucks (the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) established the minimum level of insurance that trucks needed in case they caused a collision with smaller vehicles. 

30 years have passed. These levels of insurance haven't been increased, even though the economy has rendered the 1985 level of insurance insufficient. A victim of a semi truck driver who falls asleep while driving can't take care of themselves with 1985's insurance. 

We need a better system.

What will the petition do?

The petition brings the issue to the attention of those in power who can help those who have been hurt by a lack of accountability. The petition will recommend to the people in power that we peg the $750,000 insurance limit to inflation and make it a comparable, fair amount. 

The petition will say that fairness is simple and cannot be neglected. Innocent drivers need to be protected with the proper insurance that will help to repair their bodies and their future. The petition is a common sense solution to a real problem. Please read more about the issue at the page and sign onto a message that will help victims of reckless and negligent driving. 

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