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Why I hate DUI attorney advertisements.

Updated on: 11/26/2012

While driving into the office today I heard an ad for a DUI attorney—someone who helps DUI offenders fight the charges.  These attorneys help reduce drunk driving sentences or try to get charges dismissed.  

I absolutely hate hearing ads for DUI attorneys.  And don’t like drunk driving lawyers one bit.  Sure, they may be nice enough guys, I suppose, but when tens of thousands of people are injured or killed every year because someone made the choice to drink alcohol and then get behind the wheel of a car.  Why would anyone want to defend the actions of such irresponsible individuals? Money, that’s why.  

Why Attorneys Choose To Help DUI Offenders

DUI offenders fork over thousands of dollars to have an attorney show up in court with them.  Depending on the circumstances they charge anywhere for $1,200 to $5,000.  The fee is typically paid up front—before the court date.  There are just a few common defenses against these kind of cases and attorneys can use the same arguments over and over in the cases they handle—they don’t have to invest much time in the case—paralegals do most of the work.  And they might have hearings for up to 6 to 10 cases per day.  So a DUI attorney can make a very good living defending drunk drivers.  

The other reason some attorneys choose to defend drunk drivers is to get the courtroom experience.  Young attorneys can quickly get a lot of experience if they choose to handle DUI cases.  Many attorneys “cut their teeth” on drunk driving claims. 

"I Only represent victims of drunk drivers, Not DUI Offenders.  I Sue Drunk Drivers!”

My own husband, attorney Chris Davis, handled a very few drunk driving cases when he first began practicing law over 20 years ago but he says that ultimately he couldn’t stomach the work.  He didn’t want to help someone beat the charges when innocent people had been injured or killed.  He decided to go on a personal crusade to help victims of drunk drivers get justice.  Since I have known him he has turned away dozens and dozens of DUI offenders that have come to him asking for help—even friends and relatives.  He tells them that they must suffer the consequences of their actions.  He says, “I Only represent victims of drunk drivers, Not DUI Offenders.  I Sue Drunk Drivers!” 

Tis The Drunk Driving Season – Holiday DUIs

I notice that there are a lot more ads for DUI defense lawyers on TV and the radio during the holiday season.   That’s because more people drive drunk this time of the year.  Police are on the lookout for people who had too much holiday fun, traveling from office holiday parties, Christmas parties, and family get-togethers.

The problem is so big this time of the year that the Washington Traffic Safety Commission funded more than 25 extra patrols over the holiday season.  And the “Drive Hammered, Get Nailed” campaign kicks into high gear during the holidays as well.  
If you don’t drink and drive then you don’t need to worry about having an “accident” that might injure or kill you or a loved one.  And if you don’t drink and drive you won’t need a DUI attorney either. 

It’s a simple choice.  Just do the right thing.  Stay alive, don’t drink and drive. 

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