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What Qualifies As Negligent Boating?

Updated on: 11/6/2019

As the sun continues to come out more and more, many people will be headed out to the water of Lake Washington or the Puget Sound. This means many good times with friends and family, but those good times could easily be wrecked if someone on the water is driving their boat negligently.

As one of Seattle's leading boating accident attorneys, Davis Law Group, P.S., founder Chris Davis is often asked what constitutes negligent operation of a motor vessel.

According to Washington State Law, the following constitutes negligence while driving a boat:

  • Not paying attention to the operation of the vessel
  • Failing to keep a proper lookout
  • Failing to follow the navigation rules
  • Causing danger from the effects of the vessel's wake
  • Allowing passengers to ride on the bow, gunwales, or transom of a vessel not equipped with adequate railings to  prevent falls overboard

While some of these things can be said to be fairly arbitrary, the fact this that doing any of these things is puts yourself, others who are in your boat with you, and others who you are sharing the water with you.

There is nothing as important as the general safety of yourself and loved ones. The personal injury lawyers at Davis Law Group would like to remind you that there is nothing more important than safety.

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