What is the safest way for your child to get to school?

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In about two weeks, the students in Washington State will be on their way to school again after summer vacation. Yellow school buses will be commuting on our roadways, and transporting our most precious cargo.

Research shows that a good day at school begins with a positive experience on their way to the classroom. The yellow school bus is the only reliable way for their children to get to and from school, for many families.

Ray LaHood discusses how safe our school buses are for children. LaHood visited many students at an elementary school, when a child asked him “Are buses really the safest way to get to school?’ Indeed, traveling by bus is the absolute safest way for children to get to and from school.

There are also environmental benefits as well. There are new diesel standards that make our buses 98 percent cleaner than those made two decades ago. And even older buses have been updates to cut their emissions by 90 percent.

From a safety standpoint, buses keep more than 17 millions car a day from pulling in and out of school driveways, which reduces a lot of gasoline.

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encourages you to have your child ride the school bus, for safety and fun purposes.

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