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What is a Personal Injury or Accident Case?

Updated on: 11/13/2019

A personal injury case, accident case, or wrongful death case, is any type of claim where a person has been injured, disabled, maimed or killed due to the carelessness of another. The law has a special name for someone whose carelessness causes injury or death – it is called negligence.

Certainly people can be negligent, but so can corporations and governmental entities. If someone’s carelessness caused damage only to property but did not inflict injury on another person, then this is called a “property damage case” and not a personal injury case. Many personal injury attorneys, including Chris Davis, will not handle a property damage case unless the person has also suffered injuries.

Lawyers who have experience handling “personal injury” or “accident” cases will know how to gather the specific evidence needed to best support your claim, and prove your claim in court if necessary. This evidence may include witness testimony, medical and financial records, photographs, expert reports, exhibits and illustrations. If you decide to precede your case with an attorney, personal injury attorneys, if experienced, usually have strong negotiating skills and are adept at communicating with the insurance company claims representative. The lawyers who specialize in this area of the law are usually very familiar with the rules governing insurance contracts, claims handling, court procedure, the law of negligence and proving damages.

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