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West Seattle: Teen Hit by Car, in Serious Condition

Updated on: 11/25/2019

A 17-year-old was struck by car and hospitalized Friday night in West Seattle.

The collision took place near California Ave SW and SW Dakota Street.

No information has come out at this time on the cause of the accident or details about those involved, but the pedestrian struck was a minor and as such her identity will not be released.

Pedestrian Accidents at Night

The danger inherent in pedestrian collisions is clear and unfortunately, even at speeds of just 15-20 miles per hour could lead to fatal injuries.

While little to no information has been released about this incident at this time, we can examine the facts we have, and what is known about pedestrian accidents to attempt to gain an understanding of some of the ways this could have taken place.

We know the collision took place at night, and from Q13 reporting, dark, rainy conditions could have played a factor along with any additional extenuating circumstances.

Additionally, while it has not been stated that the pedestrian was struck while crossing the street, video from the scene does appear to show a crosswalk at the center of the police at the scene.

Whether the pedestrian was at a crosswalk or not, the law and liability is clearly in favor of the pedestrian, outside of extenuating circumstances and she should be focused on resting and recovering, while insurance takes care of the details.

If however, the other parties insurance makes this process difficult, it could mean it’s wise to reach out to experienced pedestrian accident attorneys like the team at Davis Law Group.

Davis Law Group has a track record of success allowing pedestrian accident victims to rest easy, stop worrying about their claim, and focus on getting the best care possible, while we handle their case and get them fair settlements for their injuries. If you or a loved one were pedestrians or drivers injured in an accident, call 206-727-4000 or use the chat or contact features on this page to request a free case evaluation from our team.

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