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Wenatchee Humane Society Already Seeing Spike In Aggressive Dog Calls

Updated on: 2/20/2019

There is no time like summer time in the Pacific Northwest. The dreaded cold weather breaks and the sun shine magnificently lights up Mt. Rainer and the Cascades, and the Puget Sound making this area one of the most beautiful places in the world. With the change in the weather comes a new danger, dog bites.

In Wenatchee, the Humane Society has already begun to see a spike in aggressive dog calls, which is much earlier than usual.

"We typically don’t get a spike until school’s out. This year, we’re getting a lot of activity before then,” Sgt. Jody White said.

As the weather warms up and people are more likely to be outside jogging, bike riding or doing yard work, dogs are also more likely to be outdoors and without leash. Unfortunately this is a recipe for disaster.

Each year, there are countless dog bite injuries that take place that can easily be prevented. They are preventable by simply making sure that your pet has received proper training, and is on a leash when in public or strangers are around. No matter how sweet you may think your dog is, there is no guarantee that your dog will not attack someone.

“I just want owners of dogs to realize, they might not think their dog is going to hurt anyone. But that’s what these people said. This dog had never attacked anyone before. There’s always a first,” White said.

In addition to the physical injuries, the emotional distress can be the worst part. Val Kesterson was viciously attacked by a pit bull mix last summer. It took her a couple months for her physical injuries to heal but she is still recovering emotionally. Since the attack, she has not felt comfortable jogging with dogs nearby.

This week is Dog Bite Prevention Week, where the hope is to spread knowledge of how to prevent dog bite injuries. If you or someone you know suffered injuries from a dog bite, contact an experienced dog bite lawyer to evaluate your options.

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