Washington State's Pit Bull Lawyer

Updated on: 2/26/2019

Seattle dog bite attorney Chris Davis is considered by many to be "the pit bull lawyer" in Washington State. He has handled dozens of dog bite cases, is often called upon by the news media to offer expert commentary on dog bite cases, and he is the author of When The Dog Bites: The Essential Guide To Dog Bite Law in Washington State.

If you have been injured in a pit bull attack your dog bite lawyer can advise you on your legal rights.

Many pit bull attack survivors don't know the steps they need to take to make sure that they get fairly compensated for their injuries.

In most cases it does not matter who owned the dog: a family member, neighbor or friend. And typically does not matter where the attack took place: private property, city street or in a public park. In most cases the victims of pit bull attacks are entitled to compensation for their injures: medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, etc.

If you have been the victim of a pit bull attack you need to make sure that you hire a pit bull attorney that has the skills, experience, and track record when it comes to dog bite claims.

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