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Van Jumps Curb, Injures 6 Pedestrians In Downtown Seattle

Updated on: 11/22/2019

A shuttle van jumped the curb and plowed into the front of the Gap store, injuring six pedestrians in downtown Seattle on Thursday, according to Seattle Police.

The incident occurred at Fifth Avenue and Pine Street just before noon. Multiple pedestrians were struck by the Shuttle Express van when it jumped the curb and struck several people. 

Seattle Police said the driver of the van had some kind of medical emergency and lost consciousness before the crash. The driver was taken to the Harborview Medical Center and was in serious condition.

Police said five pedestrians on the sidewalk were injured by the van, and another was hurt by flying glass from the store window. Four victims were taken to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle. 

There was one passenger in the van and was not injured. Seattle Police said the crash was not terrorism-related, nor was it intentional.

Medical Emergency Defense 

In certain circumstances, the "sudden medical emergency" defense may absolve a driver - and therefore the driver's insurance company - of all financial liability for the damages (related to injuries and otherwise) that result from that accident.

Under Washington state law, a driver who becomes suddenly stricken by an unforeseen loss of consciousness that causes the driver to lose control of a vehicle is not chargeable with negligence. A defendant must prove beyond speculation and conjecture the following:

  1. The driver was rendered unconscious just prior to the collision or event;
  2. The loss of consciousness was sudden (the driver was not in and out of consciousness leading up to the collision which would put him on notice that he should not drive and therefore should pull over);
  3. The sudden loss of consciousness was unforeseen. This element is often the one that is disputed. It may require a plaintiff to…
    • Obtain the defendant’s medical records, 
    • Have the records reviewed by a competent physician, 
    • Depose the defendant’s physicians, 
    • Have the defendant examined by one of the plaintiff’s medical experts.

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