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UPDATE: Press Conference on Seattle Roadway Safety

Updated on: 11/7/2019

A press conference was held today regarding the increase of recent traffic fatalities, specifically those resulting from bicycle accidents. Speakers at this event included:

Tom Rasmussen
Seattle City Council member
Chair, Transportation Committee

Joe McDermott
King County Council
Chair, King County Board of Health

M.J. Kelly
Cascade Bicycle Club
Director of Communications

At the morning’s press conference, everyone spoke about the dangers on our roadways, and the steps we need to take to make them safer for everyone.

Summary of the press conference:
  • EVERYONE need to help set the “tone” on the streets in two ways: through better conduct and through better infrastructure.
  • No fatality on our roadways is acceptable – we can do better.
  • Put down your cell phone and focus on driving.
To all drivers: slow down and look twice. Look over your shoulder, look at things around you and do not drive fast. Always, always, yield to pedestrians and bicyclists.

To all bicyclists: slow down and look twice – it is your responsibility too. By blowing off traffic signal and signs, you put yourself at risk. Always follow all rules of the road. You must be diligent in making signals to drivers, make eye contact and use signals. Always look for pedestrians – you can hurt them too.

To all pedestrians: Be aware of your surroundings, including vehicles, bicyclists, traffic signals and more. It is very important to make eye contact with everyone, in case they do not see you.

It was decided at the meeting that our roadways need to be improved for better public safety. Everyone was encouraged to get involved in their communities to put a stop to these preventable tragedies.

Projected result of the press conference:
  • Zero deaths
  • A public that is engaged and informed
  • Everyone’s leadership
  • Less rhetoric
As a law firm that represents many victims of pedestrian and bicycle accidents, Davis Law Group encourages everyone to participate to implement change in our communities.

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