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Update: New Video From Burien Ross Shows Van Crash Through Store Front

Updated on: 1/10/2020

After a shoplifter fled the Burien Ross and got into a getaway vehicle, the driver sped the van forward, into the store, injuring 11, including a two-year-old child. 

The incident occurred just after 9 p.m. on December 16th and resulted in the arrest of the 51-year-old driver who was suspected to be under the influence of drugs. 

Shortly after the incident occurred, video from the aftermath surfaced along with initial reporting from King County Police, now almost a full month later, police have decided to release surveillance footage of the incident. 

Footage like this is not only shocking to the public but potentially useful for vehicle into building victims as they pursue a recovery. Any kind of photographic or video evidence of an accident or of injuries sustained in the accident is valuable evidence that can be used by a victims representation to illustrate the damages suffered. 

This video clearly shows numerous individuals in the path of the van as it enters the store, including a woman holding a small child who appear to be directly hit by the van as it flashes through the frame in less than a second. 

Evidence of the circumstances surrounding the crash will continue to come out and while insurance from the individuals behind the wheel may be limited when held against the amount of damages caused to the 11 injured by the crash, more evidence could give cause to look into the liability of the facility or business in the incident where additional recovery may be available for accident victims.  

Vehicle Into Building Crash Experience

Davis Law Group has previously handed cases involving vehicle into building crashes including a wrongful death case that was taken all the way to trial before accepting a $1.35 million settlement on behalf of our client. 

Businesses and landlords have a responsibility to keep their customers and tenants safe, and while nothing can stop every kind of accident, there are proven ways to prevent vehicle into building crashes and additional measures that can be implemented in planning, construction as well as management to help prevent tragedies like this from occurring. 

If you or a loved one were hurt in any kind of accident, the team of personal injury attorneys at Davis Law Group is here to help, with free case evaluations and our Washington Accident Book series. Call 206-727-4000 or use the chat or contact options on this page to request a book, or case evaluation today. 

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