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Types of Expert Witnesses in Bicycle Accident Cases

Updated on: 11/22/2019

bicycle expertAn expert witness is someone who has knowledge of material factual matter beyond that of an average person because of his or her education, training, or experience. While eyewitnesses can be a key to your personal injury case, experts often are just as important to achieving the maximum settlement possible.

There are many different types of bicycle accidents, and no two collisions are the same. Whenever there's a bicycle accident, it will be investigated. This often requires the help of expert witnesses.

Commonly Used Expert Witnesses in Bicycle Accident Cases

Hiring an expert witness is typically done by your personal injury attorney. Finding the right expert witnesses with knowledge of the subject is crucial. 

Your attorney is trying to determine exactly what happened that led to your injuries. While it may seem obvious to you, an experienced attorney will have the right strategy and the means to hire experts that will paint a complete picture of the accident scene. This could involve finding professionals from around the world – from engineers to enthusiasts – that have knowledge of bicycles. 

  • Accident reconstruction expert: When a person has suffered serious injuries in a bicycle accident, an accident reconstructionist can look at the factors that led to the crash, as well as who was at fault. Any number of things might have contributed to the crash, and it’s likely that an expert will be brought in to show exactly what happened.
  • Bicycle safety expert: Because bicyclists often ride near motor vehicles, there are specific rules and regulations that govern these interactions. Police reports in bicycle crashes may be inadequate or deficient, making a bicycle safety expert a crucial piece of the your case. 
  • Psychologist: If you have suffered mentally or emotionally after a serious bicycle accident, it may be wise for your attorney to retain the services of a therapist or psychologist. 
  • Medical professional: Your physician or a third-party doctor can testify as to the extent of your injuries after a bicycle accident.
  • Bicycle designer: Unless you’ve spent your entire life studying the various makes and models of bicycles and how they react to a crash, it’s unlikely you can authoritatively determine how the type of bicycle contributed to the injuries sustained in a crash. A bicycle designer likely has decades of experience handling different materials, examining them for strength and quality. While it may not seem important, a small detail could be the key to getting the best settlement possible.
  • Economist: This type of expert examines the various economic losses suffered as a result of an injury (lost wages, lost earning capacity, etc.).
  • Vocational expert: These types of experts have the expertise and background needed to evaluate your ability to do your job at work or at home. If you’ve sustained a serious, life-altering injury in a bicycle accident, a vocational expert may testify as to how your professional working life has been impacted. 

Consult with an Attorney After a Bicycle Accident

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