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Troopers Note Extreme Speeds as Covid Restrictions leave Roads Empty

Updated on: 5/26/2021

The social distancing guidelines in place due to the outbreak of Corona Virus in our region have impacted every aspect of life in the state of Washington, but State Troopers have taken to social media to ask drivers to avoid speeding despite the temptation of seemingly empty streets. 

Many of the reports we've scene have come from Washington's smaller highways, often two lane roads with 55-60 mph limits posted and troopers catching drivers doing more than 30 mph over the limit like this driver on Highway 101. 

Unfortunately excessive speeding seems to be the trend at this time especially on 101 with more than 70% of drivers stopped traveling more than 20 mph over the posted limited according to trooper Chelsea Hodgson

Speeds like this don't just hurt your bank account if you get stopped, but could be seriously dangerous and can lead to accidents like this one from Pasco

But what happens if you're unfortunate enough to be in an accident with someone driving at unsafe speeds? 

How Speed Can Effect Your Personal Injury Claim

In most cases, speed is a relative thing, with 45 mph being perfectly fine where the limit is 45 but border on reckless driving on streets with 25 or 30 mph limits. That being said, driving at speeds approaching 90 or even 100 mph anywhere in our state is reckless driving and if involved in an accident at these speeds, a driver will likely be cited and could even face further criminal charges depending on the severity of the injuries of any victims

Even still driving 60 mph in a 60 zone could be a citable offense if it is determined that a drivers speed was too fast for conditions

Despite citations, insurance companies may still try to deny or dispute liability in an accident in order to avoid paying out a costly settlement even in what may appear to be a clear case of liability.

That's why Davis Law Group offers free case evaluations to accident victims and our free Washington accident books.

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