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Top 10 Mistakes Pedestrian Accident Victims Make

Updated on: 2/11/2019

Committing one or more of these mistakes after a pedestrian accident can have devastating consequences in your legal claim and/or significantly reduce the amount of compensation you may recover.

1. Not calling the police after your pedestrian accident.
2. Failing to seek medical treatment promptly after a crosswalk accident.
3. Failing to take multiple photographs of your pedestrian accident injuries and wounds.
4. Giving a recorded statement to the driver's insurance company.
5. Signing insurance company forms and medical authorizations.
6. Failing to document everything about your pedestrian accident.
7. Settling your pedestrian accident claim too soon or appearing too eager to settle your claim.
8. Not being absolutely honest with your doctors and the authorities.
9. Failing to hire a pedestrian accident lawyer.
10. Using social media to talk about your pedestrian accident claim.
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