To Seattle Business Magazine: Why Davis Law Group Is Awesome!

free books for accident victims

free legal books in washington state

On their Facebook page Seattle Business Magaine says, "we want to know about your product or service and why you think it is the best the Seattle area has to offer."  I think that Davis Law Group is awesome for a lot of reasons, but here is just one...

"I love Chris Davis and Davis Law Group because he truly cares about the legal rights of injury victims in Washington--even those that are not clients.  Believing that ‘information is power’, each year he gives tens of thousands of free injury law books to accident victims across the state.  The firm is small so he can’t help everyone that calls him.  Years ago he said to me (I am his wife), “I wish I could help more people. ”  I answered, “write a book, then anyone can get your help.”  Arming people with important legal information gives Chris great satisfaction."

Pictured is Chris sharing a copy of one of his books.  And a photo showing all of the different legal guides authored by Chris Davis.

The rest of the story....

I am married to Chris Davis. the firm's founder.  I almost didn't go out with him because is is a lawyer.  But tweleve years ago today I found out just how different he is---and in the end I married him despite the fact that he is an attorney.  Read the whole story here.  

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