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Tire Failure Can Cause Accidents Leading to Serious Injury

Updated on: 11/7/2019

car accident from auto defect

Tire failure is the cause of several car accidents leading to serious injury and sometimes death. Many tire manufacturers recognize tire failures, blowouts and detreads are foreseeable events. These tire manufacturer companies are very aware that tire treads will wear with proper use at some point.

If they are serviced properly and replaced after their intended period of use has expired, they should not fail. There are many reasons they do however – bonding problems in the manufacturing process, contaminants that were introduced into the tire during the tire making process, under-vulcanization, use of old ingredients, and improper sized components.

Davis Law Group has settled many cases involving tire and auto defect issues, that have caused serious personal injury. These accidents can lead to serious injuries and sometimes death.

If you believe that you were in an accident, caused by the defect of your automobile or tires, you should contact an attorney immediately. For a free no obligation consultation, call Washington personal injury attorney Chris Davis at (206) 727-4000.

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