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DUI Crash Involving Teens Kills 3, Injures 2 Early Sunday Morning Outside of Forks

Updated on: 9/27/2021

Three teens were killed and two critically injured in an apparent drunk driving collision early Sunday morning just outside of the town Forks. 

The single-vehicle collision occurred around 4:20 am Sunday when the vehicle left the road and struck a tree on Sitkum-Solduc Road outside of Forks. 

Two victims were found to have died at the scene, while one passed away en route to the hospital and one of the two survivors remains in critical condition as of Monday morning. 

At this time both speed and alcohol are believed to be factors in the crash but state troopers investigation is still ongoing.  

Teen Driver Accidents and Recovery

Collisions like this can rock a community, especially our tight nit smaller coastal towns like Forks where everyone is so connected.

Unfortunately crashes like these have been a part of the reality for communities of every size in our state, including Puyallup which suffered a similar crash, killing two teens in 2020 and another involving a car wrapped around a tree, killing one in 2019.

Drunk Driving is already a recipe for catastrophe, but the addition of the high speeds like the driver in this crash was reported to be driving only makes that catastrophe more inevitable.

The driver in this collision chose to get behind the wheel of a car while under the influence and speed, not just putting the lives of his passengers, but everyone they shared the road with that morning at risk and if there is a silver lining to be found in such a tragedy it is that no other vehicles were involved in this collision. 

The families of those who lost their children in this crash, the victims of this driver's gross negligence have a right to claim what little justice is available to them in the court of law through a wrongful death claim, and while the at-fault party may appear clear and obvious, the results of any individual claim may not be. 

Anytime an accident injures or claims the life of multiple individuals, accident victims are at risk of being left to negotiate amongst themselves for limited insurance if there even is any available from the at-fault party, and without proper representation could find themselves grasping at straws for a settlement and left with the short one. 

Every accident victim is entitled to be made whole, but nothing can make these victims or their families whole again. With proper representation and care for their case, a victim's family can ensure they do everything in their power to get what justice there is for the child they lost. 

If you lost a loved one in an accident and need someone to speak to about their claim the team at Davis Law Group offers zero-cost consultations to accident victims and their loved ones focused on helping them understand their rights.

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