Think Ahead - Motor Home Evacuation Instructions

If there is a fire inside your motor home, you need to be prepared on how to handle this, and most importantly, how to exit the coach.

Motor homes typically have one door that you enter and exit from. But, if this door is obstructed and it cannot be used, you need another option.

First, you should be very knowledgeable on the layout of your motor home – prior to hitting the highway. Identify windows or other openings such as roof vents that could be large enough to climb through. If you have an exit point on all sides of your motor homes, this is ideal. Therefore if that RV turns onto a side or is up against something, you are not trapped inside if your main exit is on the same side.

You should have an emergency kit on hand in your motor home. The best thing to use is a gym bag (ranging from small to medium so that it is easy to store) pack it with a change of clothing, blankets, dry food goods and a small quantity of money. Other items that would be very helpful include a battery powered weather radio, second battery, candle matches and photocopy of your identification. A small hammer or axe that would break through windows or vents.

In order to be completely prepared, plan your escape and practice it. It may seem silly, but if you are comfortable with your plan then you will not panic in a case of emergency. Confidence is very important in emergency situations. If you use a blindfold and try to find your way to all three exits, then you can be sure that you know how to do this in an emergency. Hope for the best but expect the worst!

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