The Settlement Demand Package

Davis Law Group goes to extraordinary lengths to compile and present an effective settlement demand package to the insurance company on behalf of our injured clients. We obtain all documents and materials that may support and prove the claim. We then organize and present the demand package in the most influential and persuasive way possible in an effort to secure the highest settlement recovery. The settlement demand package may include many different types of documents, records and items, including but not limited to:

● A complete discussion and analysis of the facts of the accident and the laws that may apply.
● Incident reports or police reports.
● Copies of pleadings that are ready to be filed in court in the event that the settlement does not occur (e.g., complaint, deposition notice, etc.).
● Photos of the scene of the accident or of the injuries.
● Medical records and reports.
● Expert reports (e.g., physician, economist, vocational expert, accident reconstruction, etc.).
● Video re-enactments and/or computer simulations.
● Video testimony from witnesses and/or experts.
● Witness statements.

By providing a comprehensive and persuasive settlement demand package, you are also helping the insurance adjustor build her file so that the company can justify paying out a large settlement. Providing a comprehensive and persuasive settlement demand package gives the insurance company a number of reasons for settling the claim immediately and fairly rather than going to court. Keep in mind that an experienced attorney knows how to present the demand package in an appropriate way so that the information increases the chance of a favorable settlement. A "do-it-yourself" approach to this part of the claim process could damage the case and provide the insurance company with damaging information that can harm your claim. Again, most insurance companies will give more consideration and respect to a claimant represented by an attorney than a claimant who represents himself. In fact, studies have shown that a represented claimant will achieve at least three to four times more money than the claimant who is not represented.

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