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The Mystery Behind Hit-and-Run Drivers in Washington State

Updated on: 11/7/2019

Hit-and-run accidents are characterized as the failure to stop, render, and accept responsibility for the driver’s part in the accident. This can apply to motor vehicle collisions, pedestrian accidents and bicycle accidents.

The figures were going down steadily, but in recent years, they have shot right back up again, at a drastic amount and the people committing these acts are killing hundreds of Americans each year.

Hit and run accidents affect those of every race, sex, race, and social status, leaving behind fatalities, catastrophic injuries, psychological trauma and grieving family and friends. Why would anyone hurt or kill someone and just leave the scene?

Some cases receive national media attention, others do not even make the news, yet this does not affect how it haunts the victim and the family. Without being able to attain justice or see the face of the guilty person, it definitely affects how the loved ones handle the grieving process.

According to an article published in the San Francisco Chronicle, an average of 3.8% of all deadly crashes in 2001, involved a hit and run driver. Nearly one in five pedestrians (18%) killed on U.S. roadways is the victim of a hit-and-run collision.

The people who see that leaving the scene of an accident benefits them, is as selfish as one can be. The realization of suddenly being responsible for the death of another human being, and a reaction, can be the ultimate test of one's true character.
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