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Star Wars Traffic Safety Campaigns

Updated on: 2/13/2019

 The force is strong with these traffic safety campaigns

Are you ready for the new Star Wars movie? State transit officials are. They're making sure that you stay safe as you travel to a galaxy far, far away (or just down the road to your local movie theater).

star wars inspired safe driving campaign

The Iowa Department of Transit feels a disturbance in the force. Source: Iowa DOT

star wars traffic safety

The Arizona Department of Transit thinks that you shouldn't make the kessel run in less than 12 parsecs. Image Source: The Newswheel

star wars traffic safety promotion

The Iowa Department of Transit says that these aren't the texts you're looking for. Source: The Des Moines Register

luke skywalker traffic safety

The Colorado Department of Transit knows it was a boring conversation anyway. Image source: CDOT

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