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Thanksgiving Ranked 4th Top Drunk Driving Holiday

Updated on: 11/7/2019

Believe it or not folks, but Thanksgiving is ranked the 4th holiday with the most drunk driving arrests each year. Coming in first is Fourth of July, with Halloween and Labor Day weekend following.

While you are sitting down to enjoy your delicious turkey, chances are, you are enjoying many glasses of wine too. The holidays are a time of stress, fun and sometimes loneliness for many, causing people to drink too much. 

However, just like any other social event, you should have a plan for transportation. If you are not staying at your location, you need to discuss a designated driver before the festivities begin. Or even better, stay where you are to avoid other drunk drivers on the road.

Davis Law Group reminds everyone to be safe and to always make plans before you start drinking. Especially around the holidays, remember that even if you are being safe, that does not mean that those around you are. Be very cautious and aware of your surroundings when on the roadway.

Have fun, be safe, and a have a very happy Thanksgiving!

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