Study Suggest Drivers with BAC of 0.01% are Not Safe

drunk driving study
Even though the legal drinking limit is .08%, is it safe for someone to drive after a single glass of beer or wine?

A new study suggests that it is not safe.

After a drink, BAC can raise enough to heighten your chance of being seriously injured or dying in a car accident, study shows.

The study conducted by research at the University of California, San Diego found that BAC of .01% increases your chances of being in a car crash. The study investigated the national data on fatal car accidents in the U.S. from 1994 to 2008.

According to the study, it is not safe to drive with any amount alcohol in your system. There were 4.33 serious injuries for every non-serious injury, compared to 3.17 injuries for sober drivers.

A sociologist at UCSD David Phillips said that accidents are 36.6 percent more serious when alcohol, or any amount, was detectable in the driver’s blood.

The researchers believe this is due to people driving when they are buzzed, explaining that buzzed drivers are more likely to speed and not wear seat belts.

The study also indicated that the amount of alcohol a driver consumes, the greater the risk they are on the roadways due to those factors. For example, the greater the blood-alcohol concentration of the driver, the greater the average speed of their vehicle and the greater the severity of the resulting accident.

The authors of the study hope that the new findings encourage United States lawmakers to pass more severe laws against driving under the influence.

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