Study Shows Life Vest Usage on Boats

The National Boating Safety Advisory Council (NBSAC) started a new study that takes place every year, regarding deaths, injuries, and property damage while boating.
The focus is primarily on life vest usage. The survey began in 2005.

The study looked at “open motorboats”, which include skiff, utility and runabout, and all speedboat categories.

Based on the study, the wear rate for adults in motorboats was 4.5% in 2006; 2007 it was 4.6%; 2008 it was 5.2%; 2009 usage rate was 4.9%; and 5.3% in 2010.

The average wear rate for the last three years is higher than the average for the first two years of the study.

Below is a bar graph showing the statistics for life vest usage for adults and children together.

life vest statistics

The statistics are not very impressive. Which makes more sense why so many drownings happen every year. Boating can be very danger and there is even more danger at hand when no the passengers and driver on the boats are not wearing life vests. Parents, set a good example for your children! Lead by example.

What do you think should be done regarding life vest usage on boats?

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