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Stop Medication Errors And Fatal Drug Overdose Deaths

Updated on: 3/25/2019

medication errors

Injuries and death due to medication errors and overdoses in hospitals in Washington State is a larger problem than is typically known or reported in the media. In Washington State hospitals self-report such errors to the state.  But we have learned that often times hospital administrators under-report or fail to report such incidents.

However, our office receives calls from the victims of drug over dose or medication errors in top notch hospitals all across Washington State.  

After reviewing hundreds of medication error cases, we have determined that there are five questions that every doctor, nurse, or pharmacist should ask themselves before administering or prescribing any drug to a patient.

  • Right drug?
  • Right patient?
  • Right dose?
  • Right route (IV, pill, liquid, injection)?
  • Right time (frequency)?

In most cases of serious or fatal medication error, one or more of these questions were not asked, resulting in an overdose or wrong medication being given to a patient.

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