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Space Needle Celebrating 50 Years [infographic]

Updated on: 1/23/2020

facts about the space needle

Infographic Breakdown

The Space Needle was originally built for the 1962 World’s Fair and completed December of 1961, four months before the fair. At time of completion, it was the tallest structure west of the Mississippi River. The theme of the 1962 Worlds Fair was ‘century 21,’ prompting the flying saucer design. The Space Needle was officially opened April 21, 1962 on the first day of the World’s Fair.
  • There are 25 lightning rods installed on the Space Needle to reduce the impact of lightning strikes.
  • Intense storms have occasionally led to closure of the Space Needle. it was built to withstand 200 mph winds and withstood the 2001 earthquake that measured 6.8 on the Richter scale.
  • The Space Needle’s elevators travel at 10 mph, approximately the same speed of a raindrop falling to the ground.
  • During the 1962 world’s fair, 20,000 people used the elevators each day, EQUAling 2.3 million total visitors throughout the duration of the fair.
  • It takes 43 seconds to travel from ground level to the top level of the Space Needle
  • SkyCity Restaurant was named the 2009 Restaurant of the Year by the Washington Wine Commission
  • The Space Needle originally cost 4.5 million to build. Estimated 2012 value 33,850,800.00
  • The Space Needle is 605 feet at its  highest point
  • It took 467 cement trucks 12 hours to fill the foundation for the Space Needle, as cement was poured into a hole 30 feet deep and 120 feet wide.
  • The Space Needle underwent a year-long $20 million renovation in 2000.
  • On Thursday, March 22nd, entertainment media company Rovio partnered with the Space Needle as part of a marketing ploy to launch their Angry Birds Space mobile game.
  •  The Space Needle structure itself weighs 3,700 tons.
  •  The Space Needle welcomed its 45 millionth visitor on May 19, 2007.
  • On Average, the space needle hosts over 1 million visitors each year
  • Designed by Edward E. Carlson, inspired by the Stuttgart Tower in Germany.
  • There are 848 steps from the bottom of the Space Needle’s basement to the observation deck, which is 520 feet off the ground.
  • Although the SkyLine level was part of the Space Needle’s original design, it was not added until 1982

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