Sono Bello Settles Medical Malpractice Lawsuit for $1.8 Million

Updated on: 2/26/2019

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A young woman was the victim of medical malpractice and lost her life after receiving liposuction from a doctor at Sono Bello a few years ago. The victim was looking to receive liposuction to quickly lose some pounds before her upcoming wedding in 2008. Just hours later, she died.

The King County Medical Examiner rules that she died from acute lidocaine intoxication. Lidocaine is used to suppress pain during liposuction but must be closely monitored because it can be toxic.

Dr. Marco Sobrino, the doctor who did her procedure has refused to talk. The level of lidocaine in her system were considered “really, really high, stratospheric high.”

Last December, the woman’s family sued Sono Bello with medical negligence claims. The clinic has agreed to pay the family more than $1.8 million to settle the medical malpractice claim.

"It doesn't bring Aura back, but they are glad that the defendants have agreed to pay a significant amount of money. They feel that the defendants are being held accountable for the tragic loss," said family attorney.

The attorney said that Sono Bello offered an even higher settlement if the family would keep the agreement confidential. But they refused.

"It is unusual. Sono Bello did want to sweep this under the rug,” said attorney Campbell Webster. “They offered a lot of money and the family felt very strongly that they did not want to take the money to be silenced.”

When the young bride had her procedure done at Sono Bello, it wasn't being licensed or inspected because Sono Bello is classified as a cosmetic clinic that does not use general anesthesia. Since her reported death to the health department, the state established new rules requiring all clinics to be accredited by one of four national agencies.

The health department has charged Dr. Marco Sobrino with unprofessional conduct and delivering medical care below state standards. He denies the charges. Sobrino's hearing in front of the state medical commission is scheduled for November.

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I had a lipo done at SONOBELLO on june 12th 2018 with Dr Marco Sobrino and I do feel he conducted this and a very unprofessional way,I feel he conducted the percidure very roughly,I was in so much pain during the surgery and I beg to him that I want him to stop,I was crying,bitting on the pillow one of the assistants there was trying to conform me after seeing how bad of a shape I was during and he’s reaction was to shut her off so she won’t say anything to me,he treated me with no compassion and was been very rough with me!!
by Alva Monterrojas June 17, 2018 at 12:46 AM
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