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Sneezing Determined as Cause of Rollover Fire Engine Accident

Updated on: 2/26/2019

rollover accident fire engine
A fire department engine was in a rollover car accident last week – caused by a sneeze fest.

The firefighter driving the engine began to veer off to the right side of the road when he while he was sneezing several times. He regained control, causing it to tip over on its side.

No mechanical issues were reported with the engine.

The firefighters on the engine were heading to a training exercise, thankfully not to an emergency call. Speed was not a factor in the rollover according to the police report.

While rescue crews worked to get the engine out of the wreckage, the highway was shut down for three hours.

Three firefighters, including the sneezing driver, were injured in the accident. The driver was in ICU, but is listed in fair condition. The other two have been treated, released and are back to work.

If the engine is to be replaced, it will cost roughly $500,000. The city is in the process of working with their insurance carriers.

The driver has never been involved in any prior accidents and completed his annual emergency driver’s training course earlier this year.
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