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Wildfires and High Winds Burn Homes, Close Roads, And Cause Crashes Across Washington State

Updated on: 9/10/2020

Multiple wildfires across our state have left towns ravaged homes destroyed and highways closed during one of the busiest travel weekends of the year.

The fires, combined with high winds created smoke and dust storms that limited visibility for drivers to as little as six feet in some areas, causing collisions and eventually road closures on some of our state's most traveled highways.

Multiple have shut down everything from Interstate 90 to highway 410 in the last 48 hours and devastated the small town of Malden, less than 40 miles south of Spokane. 

That fire was one of several across the state that spread exceptionally quickly due to high winds in the area that spread smoke to the surrounding areas and accelerate.  

 Drivers caught in the smoke faced hazardous conditions with visibility as low as 6 feet in some places, forcing cars to pull over or even causing accidents.

At this time fire crews are continuing efforts to control the various fires across our state, but road closures and potentially hazardous conditions should be expected for the time being. 

Legal Options For Victims Of Wildfire Accidents

While the smoke and dust itself may fall under an "act of God" clause in your insurance policy, the negligence of other drivers in the same circumstances would still leave them liable for damages. 

While driving through hazardous conditions, it is a driver's responsibility to drive at a safe speed given the road conditions at the time, failure to do so can result in a ticket and be the key piece in determining liability in a car accident claim.     

Being able to prove in court that a driver was going too fast for conditions can be challenging and involve building a strong case through expert testimony, witness statements, police reports, and a comprehensive investigation into the accident by a team of experienced attorneys. 

Not every accident victim needs an attorney, but Davis Law Group is here for accident victims of all kinds, with free case evaluations, our team of award-winning personal injury attorneys can help accident victims understand the best path forward whether or not an attorney is right for them. 

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