Should You Switch Attorneys in Your Case?

I talk to many of the potential clients that call our office. I am amazed at how many people call us to inquire about switching or changing lawyers. Every day we get calls from people that want to leave their current attorney and hire Chris Davis and Davis Law Group to handle their personal injury case. 

In fact, we get so many questions about switching lawyers that we had to create a document called “Things You Need To Know About Changing Attorneys.” To make sure that people fully understand all of the pros and cons of switching lawyers we give this document to them before we agree to schedule a free consultation.  Why? Because depending on the phase of the case or the quality of the legal work that has already been done on the matter it may not be in the client’s best interest to switch lawyers.  And by contrast, sometimes changing attorneys is the best thing for the case.  

Chris recently posted some of the highligts from the docment on our website.  Click here to read "Things You Need To Know About Changing Attorneys.


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