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Should Washington State Have DUI Checkpoints?

Updated on: 2/23/2019

MADD Washington, DUI checkpoints

DUI Checkpoints in Washington State

Currently, it is illegal to have to DUI checkpoints in the state of Washington. Several other states have DUI checkpoints and their fatal drunk driving accidents have decreased significantly.

MADD and DUI Checkpoints

Mothers Against Drunk Driving are trying to push DUI checkpoints in all states. MADD Washington is working to get this law to pass. The DUI checkpoints would not be just anywhere - they would be warranted and at places where DUI accidents are very high and clearly need a closer look.

Some people believe that DUI checkpoints are an invasion of privacy.

Do you think DUI Checkpoints Should be Legalized in Washington State?

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DUI checkpoint, or any other police checkpoints, should absolutely NOT be allowed in WA or any other state. Police should have an actual reason for stopping a driver. Stopping drivers without cause, or simply because they happen to be on the road, is and should legally remain harassment. Police have too much power already. Do NOT voluntarily hand over any more American rights!
by Heather McDougall April 1, 2012 at 10:08 AM
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