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Seven Injured in Renton Crash at Plum Delicious Family Restaurant

Updated on: 7/4/2022

Seven people were injured Friday night after a driver lost control of their vehicle and crashed into the side of a family restaurant in Renton. 

The crash occurred at approximately 5 p.m. Friday near the 3200 block of Northeast Sunset Boulevard in Renton. The vehicle was reported traveling at high speeds and had struck a power pole nearby before crashing into the side of the Plum Delicious Family Restaurant. At least seven people were reportedly seriously injured in the collision. 

"The majority of them were at one booth on the other side of the wall where the vehicle impacted," said Sergeant Craig Johnson with the Renton Police Department.  

Liability for Vehicle Into Building Crashes

Vehicle into building crashes can be very complicated incidents from a legal standpoint. Victims often suffer serious injuries in these collisions because of they usually occur at high speeds and sometimes involve the partial or complete collapse of a building.

Some witnesses to this collision have alleged that speeding is a seirous issue in this particular area in Renton, and that there may be a history of collisions in the vicinity. Victims of serious collisions like this one should always consult with an experienced attorney to learn more about their legal rights and options. 

Davis Law Group has handled a number of serious vehicle-into-building accident cases in Washington state, including one which occurred in Renton in 2012. We recovered a $1.35 million wrongful death settlement for the surviving family in that case after a thorough investigation and more than a year of litigation. 

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