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Semi Truck Struck by Sounder Train in Edmonds

Updated on: 2/17/2020

A semi truck was hit by the North Sounder train in Edmonds Tuesday morning after the truck driver got lost and the truck got stuck on the tracks.

According to KING 5 news, the crash took place just before 7:00 a.m. near the Edmonds transit station in front of the Edmonds-Kingston ferry terminal. The truck driver was reportedly using a GPS system to navigate to company headquarters but said the device mistakenly directed him to the ferry terminal. He realized he was on the tracks and tried to back up but the truck got stuck on the train-crossing gate as the train approached.

The collision in the Sounder train accident caused the front end of the semi truck to be ripped off the frame, which scattered debris all over the roadway. Officials said that the front car of the Sounder to detach from the rest of the train. KING 5 reports that there were no serious injuries in the Edmonds semi truck accident.

From a legal perspective, the truck driver is likely the at-fault party for causing the collision as he was parked on the railroad tracks while the train was approaching. Thankfully for him and his insurance company, there were no reported injuries to the passengers on the train. If any of the train passengers were injured as a result of the collision, the driver would most likely be held responsible.

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