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Semi Truck Causing Major Shut Down at I-5 Southbound and I-405 Split in Portland, OR

Updated on: 11/13/2019

In the early hours of the morning, drivers were rerouted over the Fremont Bridge in Portland, OR due to a semi truck accident. The truck leaked 75 to 100 gallons of diesel on interstate 405 north of the Rose Quarter. All southbound lanes of I-5 were closed.

Large trucks, semis trucks and tractor trailers are all part of daily life. We see them on our streets and highways moving various goods throughout the city, around the state and across the country. A driver operating any of these large vehicles is trained to be attentive and safe on the road but accidents do happen and can be very serious. There are many reasons why a large truck accident may occur.

How Can De-Icing Contribute

De-icing trucks prepped the roadways overnight and may be a contributing factor in this crash. De-icing is defined as removal of snow, ice or frost from a surface. The de-icing of roadways has traditionally been done with salt spread by snowplows or dump trucks designed to spread it. It is often mixed with salt and gravel for slick roads. The new and improved way of de-icing is a combination of heat and chemicals. This can be accomplished through the application of heat by using dry or liquid chemicals designed to lower the freezing point of water. This heat transfer mechanism is substantially faster than the other methods.

An experienced personal injury attorney will be able to help identify which parties could be held liable for the accident. As well as whether their insurance policies will adequately cover any and all damages, for the driver and the goods inside the cargo.


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