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1 Killed Among Several Semi Wrecks on Snoqualmie Pass

Updated on: 3/25/2019

snoqualmie semiOne person has been killed among several severe crashes on Interstate 90 along Snoqualmie Pass, according to the Washington State Patrol. 

The freeway is closed in both directions due to icy roads and multiple crashes: eastbound traffic being held at North Bend's Exit 34; westbound traffic being stopped at Ellensburg and Easton.

Police say there were six separate semi-truck accidents at milepost 62 on westbound I-90. There was also a fatal eastbound collision at milepost 61 involving four semi trucks and a car. There is no word if anyone else was injured in any of the crashes.

Washington State Patrol trooper John Bryant: 

"Unfortunately, a lot of ice and we had collisions on both sides of the roadway in that area," Bryant told KOMONews. "Westbound around milepost 62 we had a bunch of individual collisions — semis and passenger cars sliding off the roadway, losing traction, causing a mess. Eastbound we had a bigger problem...we had one big collision scene involving four semis and one vehicle, and one of the semis rolled over."

Temperatures were in the mid-30s overnight with mostly rain. When the temperature dropped to 32 degrees early Friday morning, ice formed on the roadway.

Snoqualmie Pass is I-90’s Accident ‘Danger Zone’

There is a 32-mile stretch of I-90 between the summit of Snoqualmie Pass and the Indian John Hill rest area east of Cle Elum that is known as the I-90 Danger Zone due to the number of motor vehicle collisions and fatalities. The section stretches from I-90 milepost 47, just west of the Kittitas County line, to milepost 110, where Interstate 82 splits off.  

In 2014 there were 105 crashes in the I-90 Danger Zone; that number increased 190 percent to 199 accidents in 2015. And in 2016 the number of collisions increased 231 percent to 459. And during the first six months of 2017 there were already 212 motor vehicle collisions in the Danger Zone. Many of these incidents involve semi trucks.

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Image: Washington State Patrol

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